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We accept insurance. Contact us for more information. 

Chart & Stethoscope

Annual Exams/Gynecologic Exams

We provide physical exams and annual care that include (but not limited to) pelvic exams; pap smears; sexually transmitted illnesses testing; breast exams; screening for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol; as well as management for gynecologic conditions such as (but not limited to) PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, pelvic pain and/or masses, and perimenopause. 

We provide nutrition counseling and health promotion discussion to support you as you become a healthier you. 

Referrals are submitted for pelvic ultrasounds, management by an MD, and mammograms, as needed.



Schedule an appointment for any labs, tests, or screenings you may need. We also provide physicals and immunizations.


Birth Center Births

A birth center birth is a great option for those considering out-of-hospital care, but not quite sold on a home birth. Our facility is a home like environment staffed with an amazing crew that supports normal physiologic birth. Contact us for a tour.


Home Births

We believe in the normalcy of physiologic birth. Home is a safe option to birth your baby. If you feel most at peace in your home or you just want more information, contact us for a consultation.


Confirmation of Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

  • Confirmation of Pregnancy appointment: Care begins once you think you're pregnant. We provide pregnancy tests, blood tests, as well as a sneak peak with ultrasound. 

  • Pregnancy, Labor and Birth, and Postpartum Counseling at every visit.

  • Monthly visits until 28 weeks of pregnancy; visits every 2 weeks between 28 weeks and 36 weeks of pregnancy; and weekly visits between 36 weeks of pregnancy until birth.

  • Physical assessment of you and your baby at each appointment consisting of taking your blood pressure, routine labs/testing, listening to your baby's heart, and measuring your belly's growth.

  • Checking in with you at each appointment for complete wellness including spiritual, mental, and emotional well being and making recommendations/referrals as needed.


Postpartum Care

Whether you birth at home, at Serenity Midwifery & Birth Center, or you birthed somewhere else with a completely different provider, we are here to take care of your postpartum needs. 

  • Mom - Assessment & Discussion topics that include (but are not limited to): Comfort, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, Warning Signs, Review of Birth, Nutrition, Exercise/Activity, Rest/Sleep, Hydration, Life Transitioning, Physical and Emotional Adjustment  Family Planning (Contraception/Birth Control, if desired), Sex, and Healing. We check your pelvic floor health, abdominal healing and your overall wellness.

  • Newborn - Assessment, Newborn Screenings (first and/or second), Congenital Heart Defect Screening, Weight/Growth, Medications/Immunizations, Labs, and Referrals as needed. 

  • Lactation support is available. 


Newborn Care

Our newborn care is gentle and baby friendly. We encourage nursing/feeding during appointments and even procedures, lots of snuggles, and we keep mom and baby together at all times to encourage bonding and provide a sense of safety and security for your newborn.


Family Planning

Surprise, SURPRISE! We all love surprises, but let us help you plan your next bundle of joy! There are many methods non-hormonal and hormonal that we can discuss and start that can help you plan for your next addition.

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