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Serenity Midwifery & Birth Center is a BRAND NEW freestanding birth center in Ellis County

Birth in Serenity

Providing midwifery services as families welcome new members earth-side in a serene environment reducing external factors that induce anxiety, fear, and/or stress. Serenity Midwifery & Birth Center is an excellent option for those looking for an out of hospital birthing experience. Our location, our team, our center are all designed with serenity in mind.
How do you envision your birth? 

With over 2400 sq ft of space, we have 2 large and luxurious birth suites (complete with private bathrooms, full showers, and birth pools), exam rooms, office space, and a large open floor plan with a full kitchen for you and your family to use.
Located out of the city and on Midwife Ashley, CNM's homestead, we're only 15 minutes from the nearest hospital.

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